Issue 2: Term 4, 2023

College students and staff took part in this year’s Remembrance Day that was held on Friday, 10th November 2023. Students across the college reflected on and revisited the
circumstances around World War One and the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers and all who served in defence of our great country Australia. I take this opportunity to
thank Miss. Nona, our HSIE Coordinator and other staff for organising this significant commemoration.

Issue 1: Term 4, 2023

Three weeks ago, we welcomed all students back to school as we journey into term four and the conclusion of the 2023 school year. By now, students are back to their
usual study routines and are preparing for this term’s assessments including end of year examinations.

Issue 2: Term 3, 2023

Congratulations to our Year 12 students and their parents for the fantastic graduation ceremony earlier this week. It was great to acknowledge all our Year 12
students for all their efforts throughout this year and for successfully completing high school and the requirements for the HSC.

Issue 2: Term 3, 2023

Dear Parents, Students and friends of the College,
In recent cohort assemblies, I congratulated the many students who achieved outstanding results in Semester One assessment this year and encouraged them and all students to do more and work harder to achieve even more success across all their studies.

Issue 1: Term 3, 2023

Dear Parents, Students and friends of the College,
Three weeks ago, we welcomed back our students to Term Three and the start of Semester Two of 2023. Students are now well into their study routines, engaged in
learning and catching up with their friends and peers.

Issue 3: Term 2, 2023

As term two comes to an end this week, I want to take this opportunity to thank our
wonderful staff for persevering and working hard during a challenging and
demanding term two and for supporting our students in all aspects of school life. I
also wish to thank our students for doing their best this term and for remaining
focused on learning and making progress.