Every nation is recognised by its history, customs, literature and intellect. Similarly, every Church is recognised by its Christian doctrines. This places an immense responsibility upon every generation to strive in preserving their culture, heritage and religious heritage. Failure to do so may result in the deterioration of that culture’s ancestral and historical faith. Among its descendants, its language will die. Such a generation will be guilty of great negligence for breaking the long chain of its natural history and would be severely judged by its succeeding generations. Thus, we the Assyrians in general and the Assyrian Church of the East in particular, accept the responsibility to shoulder and safeguard our priceless heritage. We will endeavour to work together to nurture and preserve a generation rich in Christian faith and national consciousness so that those who follow us will have pride in their diligent forefathers, history and faith of their beloved nation. This way, we will be safeguarding our language, culture, heritage, literature and faith from dispersion and dissolution.

Our Vision

We foster the heritage and Christian values of the Assyrian Church of the East, developing individuals who strive for excellence, are life-long learners, and live their faith.

We provide students of any background a unique education based on 21st-century pedagogy in order to equip them with necessary skills so that they will be active Australian citizens, reflecting the faith, heritage, language and culture of the Assyrian Church of the East.

Our Mission

In our schools, we endeavour to:

  • Provide a continuum of education rooted in a rich tradition of faith, family and community values.
  • Commitment to academic excellence cultivated alongside a Christian faith-filled environment.
  • Offer a broad and diverse curriculum endorsed by the NSW Board of Studies, based on educational programs incorporating productive and coordinated planning.
  • Continuously evaluate the quality of our courses to ensure their excellence is maintained, and enables holistic student development in spiritual, intellectual, physical and social aspects of being, reflecting the diverse needs of a life-long learning process.
  • Provide a complete academic program in an environment that integrates learning, cultural heritage and religious instruction, Gospel values, and spiritual formation into all aspects of a comprehensive and challenging curriculum and the practice of faith in Jesus Christ lived out in the daily experience of our dedicated staff and students.
  • Provide excellent education, directing students towards their fullest potential, fostering in each student a sense of unique identity and tangible self-esteem; hence creating a better future for themselves and the society they constitute.
  • Foster generations of students, academically and morally who can become responsible citizens and leaders of the future
  • Direct students toward their fullest potential creating a better future.
  • Provide the best educational experience possible for our students in well-resourced schools.
  • Provide an effective learning environment resourced by dedicated teachers and staff who value and espouse the Christian faith of the Assyrian Church of the East ethos.
  • Maintain a safe, supportive, caring and disciplined environment which balances firmness and fairness

We Value

Education is a lifelong process that fosters the worth of the individual; it is a process involving a partnership of students, home, school, Church and community. The Assyrian Schools have
an effective learning environment that fosters, in each student, a sense of unique value, selfesteem
and importance to society.


We value educational excellence, and sustenance of this commitment in our dealings and relationships with students, teachers and parents, the Church and the community.


We value honesty, trust and fairness


We value a safe and cooperative work environment where individuals care for each other and grow through open communication.


We value working together to develop and continuously improve processes that support the
creative pursuit of new ideas in everything that we do.