About Us

About Our College

St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College, established in 2006, is a year 7-12 co-educational Christian independent College of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.

St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College is considered a unique educational institution in many aspects. It is the first Assyrian College to be established in the Western world and came into existence as a fulfilment of His Eminence Archbishop Mar Meelis Zaia’s (AM) dream .

Our Patron Saint

Our College is named after the beloved Assyrian Saint, Mar Narsai, one of the greatest Assyrian writers in history. He was poetically named “The Harp of the Spirit” due to his unique gift of expressing the truths of “The Spirit” through numerous forms of Christian literature such as commentaries, expositions, sermons, hymns, poetry and homilies.

Excellence, Christian Values, Commitment


Mr Aaron Boyd is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Assyrian Christian Schools and has over 30 years of educational and professional experience.


Edwar Dinkha is the 3rd Principal of St Narsai Assyrian Christian College, taking up his position in 2018. Mr Dinkha is a respected educator with extensive experience in leadership.