Cultivating personal excellence through a Christian faith-filled learning environment

The St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College community is built on the belief that for students to grow and become active citizens of our society, the education of faith needs to be embedded within all teachings of the classroom setting.

The College’s spiritual motto, ‘In Him We Grow’ reflects this idea, that in order to grow (whether that be physically, emotionally, or mentally), we require the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. All faith-based components (policies and programs) within the College reflect the customs and traditions of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.

The College has been entrusted to provide our students with an opportunity to root and build their faith, and this is established within the Christian Studies curriculum taught in classrooms and extracurricular activities within the College community.

HH Mar Awa III Royel

Catholicos Patriarch

Watch the video as we welcomed His Holiness to our school. Listen to the words he had to share with our staff and students.