At St. Narsai we believe that ‘leaders aren’t born, they are made’ which is why we aim to instil strong leadership skills in each of our students.

Our Student Leadership Team at St. Narsai aims to:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Ensure students’ views are heard in decision making processes
  • Empower students to contribute towards a positive school culture
  • Strengthen the school community through active participation

Our Student Leadership Team comprises of:

  • 2 School Captains
  • 2 School Vice Captains
  • 4 Prefects
  • 24 Christian Representative Council (CRC) Members

By being selected for the Student Leadership Team, our students:

  • Develop pride in and ownership of the College
  • Build relationships between different years and across the whole College
  • Develop responsibility (completing tasks, attending meetings)
  • Are provided leadership opportunities
  • Develop decision making skills (action planning)
  • Help build and increase student faith
  • Are encouraged to show student commitment to community outside of school