Our Patron Saint

Saint Narsai

Our College is named after the beloved Assyrian Saint, Mar Narsai, one of the greatest Assyrian writers in history. He was poetically named “The Harp of the Spirit” due to his unique gift of expressing the truths of “The Spirit” through numerous forms of Christian literature such as commentaries, expositions, sermons, hymns, poetry and homilies.

Mar Narsai was born at the beginning of the 5th century. He travelled to Edessa where, after completing his studies in Greek and in Biblical and theological subjects, he became the rector (Chaplain) of the Edessan school (437-459 AD).

Mar Narsai and some colleagues left Edessa for Nisibis where he was supported by Barsauma the Bishop of the city. In Nisibis, Mar Narsai founded the Church of the East “School of Nisibis” and he became its rector for 50 years. Mar Narsai rested in 502 AD.

Our Patron Saint is the personification of our College’s motto and foundational beliefs due to his affinity with scholarly excellence, commitment to teaching and his dedication to spreading knowledge and the promotion of Christian values among the communities of the early Christian era.

“Excellence, Christian Values, Commitment”