Selective Stream

Selective Stream

St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College offers a Selective Stream for Year 7 students. High achieving students who are enrolled in Year 7 are encouraged to apply to be considered for the St. Narsai College’s Selective Stream. The following information has been designed to assist parents, caregivers and future high achieving students to determine student suitability and to understand the application process.

What is the Selective Stream? 

The Selective Stream at St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College will enable the grouping of high ability or gifted students where an authentically rigorous program of learning can be offered.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in a rich and challenging curriculum designed to extend and enrich their literacy and numeracy skills as well as their deep-thinking and problem-solving skills.

This program is also designed to help students master 21st century skills, such as communication, critical and creative thinking, design, and innovation, to help them realise their full academic potential. These skills are considered the foundation of developing a deeper understanding and application of knowledge that allows students to move on to the next level of learning and be active participants of the 21st century world.

How are students selected for the Year 7 Selective Stream? 

Even though high achieving students are encouraged to apply for the Selective Stream through submitting an ‘Expression of Interest’, there are other factors that will be considered as a part of the selection process in order to maintain a high standard and impartial selection process.

Students are not guaranteed a position in the Selective Stream simply because they express an interest in it. As the Selective Stream will be run across all subjects, prospective students need to ensure they are consistently achieving excellent results before they are considered for the Selective Stream and while they are in the Selective Stream. For this reason, the Selection Team will look at individual student data provided through their NAPLAN results, their current school report and the ACER General Ability Test (AGAT), to determine student suitability for the Selective Stream. 

Student academic motivation is also a point of consideration to ensure uninterrupted teaching and learning. As students progress in the Selective Stream from Years 7-10, the Selection Team will continue to monitor academic motivation and results, to ensure high expectations and College core values are upheld.

What is AGAT and why is it used? 

The ACER General Ability Test, referred to as AGAT, is a 40-minute general ability test that is designed to assist teachers in determining the students’ general abilities and learning potential. This test assesses students’ numerical, abstract (visual) and verbal skills. AGAT has been chosen as part of the selection criteria to allow for a comparison of student ability within a particular year group. This test also offers teachers information regarding individual student strengths and areas of development, which are vital to provide successful differentiation in the classroom learning environment.

How is the Selective Stream different from other classes?  

Students in the Selective Stream are challenged to extend themselves and engage in rich and challenging learning activities while still meeting the outcomes of the common core content, as mandated by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). The subject content for each course will still share a common curriculum, but will be taught at a faster pace and in a way that challenges these students and allows them to fulfil their full academic potential in all curriculum areas.

Students in the Selective Stream will also engage in differentiated learning such as:

  • Independent research projects
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Problem-based activities
  • Other relevant activities

It is extremely important to note that every student, regardless of being in mainstream or the Selective Stream, is provided with the opportunity to meet the NESA syllabus outcomes through quality teaching and learning programs, and pedagogy focusing on 21st century skills.

Can students move in and out of the Selective Stream? 

Yes, students can move in and out of the Selective Stream. The Selective Stream is designed to be a flexible class, meaning students can be added in (providing the class number is manageable) and removed, if students do not maintain positive results in the selection factors listed in the diagram above. Students who are underperforming or demonstrate poor academic motivation will be warned and may be removed from the Selective Stream at any time of the year. In the instance where a student is removed from the Selective Stream, a space opens for another candidate who has been placed on the waiting list. It is important to note that the Selective Stream class will be the same class across all subjects and student performance is monitored across all subjects.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be students who demonstrate that they are committed to learning and their commitment is reflected in their current grades and positive approach to learning.

Current high-achieving students enrolling at St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College to begin Year 7 in 2025 are invited to apply. Since 2021, we have accepted a select group of students into the Selective Stream for Year 7. This means that students and parents need to apply while the candidate is in Year 5 or Year 6.

How do I apply?

While in Year 6, students sit a General Ability Test which assesses their literacy, numeracy and abstract thinking skills. This test will be organised and run by the St. Narsai Selection Team. Students and parents will be made aware of the requirements prior to test commencement.

Students are invited to submit an Expression of Interest form which can be downloaded here to be considered for the Selective Stream.

When do applications close?

To be considered for the 2025 Selective Stream, Expression of Interest forms must be emailed to by 5:00 pm on Thursday, 24th October,2024 (Term 4, Week 2).

What other programs are available for gifted students at St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College? 

Music lessons and programs are designed to develop a range of skills in playing, listening and music appreciation. Programs include Prayers and Hymns and school choir.

Dance provides the opportunity to explore creativity through movement. Students are taught basic movement through various dance styles and experience compositional elements and performance techniques.

Drama encourages students to be creative and imaginative in a supportive environment and to build confidence through exploring various acting techniques.

Visual Arts provides opportunities for students to be exposed to a range of design-and-make tasks, which focus on creativity, technical skill development and critical investigation.

St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College offers a wide range of co-curricular programs to suit a variety of student skills, interests and needs. These include:

  • Art Club
  • Chess Club
  • Choir
  • Cooking Club
  • Dance Club
  • Debating Team
  • Gardening and Sustainability Club
  • Gifted and Talented Team
  • Maths Club
  • Piano Club
  • Podcast Team
  • Science Experiments Club
  • Sport Competitions
  • Writing Workshops


Our school focuses on the individual to ensure that every student is educated to their full potential at every stage of their learning journey.


We are committed to creating a personalised learning environment for each student at St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College.

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