Issue 2: Term 3, 2023

Dear Parents, Students and friends of the College,
In recent cohort assemblies, I congratulated the many students who achieved outstanding results in Semester One assessment this year and encouraged them and all students to do more and work harder to achieve even more success across all their studies.

Issue 1: Term 3, 2023

Dear Parents, Students and friends of the College,
Three weeks ago, we welcomed back our students to Term Three and the start of Semester Two of 2023. Students are now well into their study routines, engaged in
learning and catching up with their friends and peers.

Issue 3: Term 2, 2023

As term two comes to an end this week, I want to take this opportunity to thank our
wonderful staff for persevering and working hard during a challenging and
demanding term two and for supporting our students in all aspects of school life. I
also wish to thank our students for doing their best this term and for remaining
focused on learning and making progress.

Issue 2: Term 2, 2023

In a college assembly two weeks ago, I invited students to Put God First in
everything they do every day. I emphasised that in so doing, they would live a
fulfilling and rewarding life. I reminded students that we needed to take
responsibility for our daily actions inside and outside the school and that we must
always be respectful, kind, and supportive of each other as members of the college

Issue 1: Term 2, 2023

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,
Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mothers and may God keep our college mothers well and in good health always. We were very pleased on Tuesday when we welcomed many of our college mothers and other mothers from the St. Mary Church retirement village to a special St. Narsai Morning Tea.

Issue 3: Term 1, 2023

Dear Parents, Students and friends of
the College,
The college commemorated mid-fast
last week, and the Christian Studies
department made and distributed
special cupcakes for all students and
staff as we continue to observe our
Church tradition of “Pallo”.

Issue 2: Term 1, 2023

Dear Parents, Students, and friends of the College,
It is so pleasing to witness students
doing their best daily in every
classroom and in every learning

Issue 1: Term 1, 2023

It is with much pleasure that I welcome
you, our existing families back to St.
Narsai College. I also extend a very
warm welcome to the new families
and students from Year 7 and from
other years who have joined our
college community this year. I pray.
you and your families have had a
wonderful start to 2023

Issue 11: Term 4, 2021

What a year 2021 has been! We did
start the year as usual and then
came the hard lockdown and the
many public health challenges and
unpredictable changes that affected
all of us, especially our valued